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"Tap, Tap, Tap In. . ."

"Are you tapped in?" Whelp, after reading this post, I believe you will be. . .

If you've never experienced a mobile bar service, you should consider having one for your next event. Especially if you're in the Metropolitan Atlanta area we have a lot of options for services that require food & beverages. One of the coolest Mobile Bar Service in Atlanta that I've been impressed with offers ton of options with packages to meet the needs of any type of event that you may be thinking of. . .

One of my favorite events that Tippy Tap Co. offers services for is a beautiful glamping birthday party for the kiddos. As a mommy of four, I'm always looking for unique things to add to the spaces where we are celebrating their birthday parties. The option to have a non-alcoholic bar at a kids event is THEE absolute best option! To add to the vintage mobile bar can be pictures, balloons, flowers, and of course the beverages.

How amazing it is to know that one of the main things needed at a party can be covered by Tippy Tap Co. and to meet the needs of the kids and adults attending. Whether it's a day or night event, your beverage package can be covered by Tippy Tap Co. . Because of this option, if you're having an event at your home, consider creating a front porch party and turning your front yard into an outdoor brewery.

In 2020, my husband and I celebrated our wedding anniversary by creating an outdoor brewery with various types of food trucks coming to serve our guest. My goal was to have a mobile bar come to pour tap, but I didn't do enough research. . .but now that I know that there's an amazing option, I will be re-creating that party and giving the first invitation to Tippy Tap Co. to serve our pouring needs.

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