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✨Peace in a World that Needs Healing✨

Peace like a river. . . In our world we have experienced a lot over the past months. From the pandemic to racial uprising that has caused our world to flip upside down and downside up over and over again. We all have experienced some unease, but are surviving this thing called life.

You may wonder how do we continue to survive? How do we continue to thrive? How do we continue to live? How do we continue to give? Just how do we do. . .

There are a few things that come to mind that will give peace for what we need most --- healing.

  1. Understanding that every table we are not invited too and therefore we have to stop inviting ourselves. When we choose to invite ourselves as an "uninvited' guest, we are opening up our hearts to receive whatever may be on the other side of the door. We have to grow to understand that our seats are sometimes not a physical chair in the space, but a seat at our own table, in our own space & place.

  2. Loving ourselves enough to push past other people's issues. This is done by recognizing, acknowledging, and understanding that their issue will not become your issue because it wasn't created with you in mind.

  3. Accepting that we live in a world with a ton of people that have their own opinions, thoughts, lives, and options that we operate in at different times and places. We are not called to be one with our way of thinking. This may hit a little deep for some of you reading this to understand. But equality is not a thought process but an action that is taken. Our thoughts are our own thoughts.

Extending peace to others takes time to do, but considering the way our lives have been fast-forwarded on a high frequency requires the extension of peace to be understood and given quickly. We have been able to chill and move through life by coasting along. But because our earth has been shaken by a creation of man, it is purging daily each moment to shift into a direction that is comfortable for all which is "PEACE. . ."

"Let Life Live In You. . ."

-que'ana m.j.

If you're in a place where you need guidance on moving forward to a place of peace in order to begin healing, join me on the "28-Day Spiritual Cleanse + Detox Journey" beginning in February.

You can find details on my website:

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