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"No More Blues"

As I sit and reflect on this being “International Women’s Month,” I am taken aback to how this month is always special for me. Not only is it my birthday month (March) but it’s also the month where 11 years ago I found myself experiencing postpartum differently from the way I did with my previous childbirths. Though they were all different, the same thing resonated each time— I just need to chat with someone about how I’m feeling overall.

“GRACE” during the month of March is going to be an intentional practice. I want to extend grace to others of course, but most of all to myself. . . As a wife and mom living in a world full of beautiful and weird things, this can often be overlooked. But when grace kicks in you automatically acknowledge the fact that there are a lot of tools and resources out there that can help you in any moment you’re having in life.

My postpartum season came with tears, anxiety, and some mood swings. I have always been a self-motivator but I knew that I would need additional support through what I was experiencing. Thoughts of failing my children and myself was a constant thought. It was to the point that I would create extra things to do during the day to make it through. When I realized that counseling was an option, I immediately made an appointment without sharing it with my loved ones. I had gone through premarital counseling before so I knew I would totally rock in my individual session. Little did I know that it would release layers of stuff that I experienced over my lifetime.

Going to counseling provided me with a lot of support to simply talk out my challenges and then act upon them. With the implementation of therapy I have been able to work through the challenges that can arise at any moment. Between work life and home life balancing the two comes with its own set of understandings. I’ve been able to utilize the mindset structures that I’ve learned through my “talk sessions.”

Each “talk session” is different. And can give news ways to understand + look at each situation. I believe that everyone should try a session at least once in their lives. Grace has even kicked in with the way I handle life outside of my sessions. I seldom find myself reflecting on how life would have been different without going to counseling to talk over how I was feeling. Since taking the initiative to put my wellbeing first, I am back to teaching more yoga classes, meditating, praying, and even dancing more. These are the things that I enjoy doing for myself. I also enjoy journaling my day between sessions. This allows me to notate my thoughts, redirect anything that may not be in a “grace-filled” moment, and channel beautiful energy into any situation.

If you’re in need of a therapist, there are many options available. Ray Of Hope Counseling Services offers in-office and tele-health counseling sessions. Such as, the Therapist in Peachtree City. Schedule your session today!

Always remember that all it takes is a little faith in yourself to move forward, talk it out, and extend grace is the most beautiful way with simple elegance and refined movement in this world we live in. Embrace this “International Women’s Month” by breaking the biases of everyday stigmas of having to put on your cape and being a superwoman.


You are loved.

You are beautiful.

You are unique.

You are honored.

You are amazing.

You are awesome.

You are creative.

You are understood.

You are determined.

You are healed.

You are smart.

You are heard.

You are affirmed.

You are important.

You are powerful.

You are worthy.

You are resilient.

You are graced.

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