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“Making Different Moves!”

We talk so much about physical health. Diet fads such as the keto diet, or intermittent fasting are the subject of discussion at almost every single dinner party and how to lose weight fast, or best workout plans for bikini season are searched frequently on Google.

While I think that looking your best directly correlates to feeling your best and having confidence in yourself, I also believe that we need to focus more on mental health in general. Being in great physical health is obviously important, but without great mental health, are we really “healthy?” A lot of the time, I think that fitness goals and physical looks are so important to everyone that they get to into it and start comparing themselves with others around them, which is not good for mental health.

For example, just the other day, I witnessed two ladies working out. Both of them were in their 40’s and one had worked out (pretty intensely) her entire life, while the other one never worked out and never played sports. Obviously, the lady who had worked out in the past was able to do more than the one who had never worked out, but the one that never worked out kept comparing herself to everyone around her. In the end, it led to her running off in tears because she could not compete. Yes, physical health is so very important, but this comparison game that we play, such as the example above, is detrimental to mental health. 

It goes above and beyond physical comparisons, as well. We live in a world where more is better and it is very easy to compare yourself to others. If you think that you are in a spot in life where you are starting to compare yourself to others and are possibly struggling with your mental health, I highly encourage you to keep reading this post on how to improve your mental health. Below, you will find just a few easy ways that you can improve your mental health and get out of this constant comparison game that is so very easy to get involved in nowadays.

Keep A Journal

I love the simple task of keeping a journal by your bedside, or even in your car. Bullet journaling is ‘in’ right now, but I think that even if you simply write down your thoughts, feeling, and positive (and maybe negative) things about the day, it can be a great way to review it, re-evaluate, and improve in the future. Plus, I absolutely love going back and re-reading old journals - it is the best trip down memory lane! 

Quiet Your Mind

According to Huffington Post, ““Meditation is mind without agitation,” Narasimhan says. Stress creates agitation and is something most of us deal with on some level. And it’s increasing, given the rising use of anti-anxiety medications, notes Stanford University researcher Emma Seppälä. Meditation allows people to take charge of their own nervous system and emotions. “Studies have shown improved ability to [permanently] regulate emotions in the brain,” adds Seppälä, who is also the associate director of the Center for Compassion and Altruism Research and Education at Stanford. “It’s very empowering.”” They say that meditation can help improve your concentration, promote a healthy lifestyle, increase self-awareness, increase happiness, increase acceptance, slows aging, and last but not least, it can help improve cardiovascular and immune health, as well.

Remove Toxic People & Things

Everyone has those people or things in their life that they should probably do without. You know what I’m talking about. In order to fully improve your mental health, you need to rid yourself of these toxic people or things. It will not only improve your mental health, but it will make you overall healthier and happier.

Set Realistic Goals

Setting realistic goals is a great way to get back on track with your mental health. If you have fallen off the wagon, it’s okay - you can easily get back on, I promise! First, you need to evaluate and figure out what you need to set your goals for. If you are wanting to lose weight, make sure you are choosing a healthy number and have a workout and eating plan that is healthy for you, specifically. If you are wanting to set realistic goals in your work environment, I think that is great because it will give you a sense of accomplishment when you hit those goals and it will also create healthy boundaries when it comes to getting your work done. Whatever it is that you need to set realistic goals for, just make sure to evaluate it first and think about it! 

Don’t Do Everything Yourself

The dreaded mindset of needing to do everything yourself. Let me fill you in on a secret: this will only hurt you in the short and long term. I can understand wanting to save money, when possible, by doing things yourself. But, if you don’t have the skills, the time, or the energy, don’t think that asking for help, or hiring out help is a bad thing. In fact, I think it’s a great thing, because you do not have to juggle 100 balls at the same time. It allows you to slow down, to put your energy and focus on the things that you are good at, and to take care of other things that you need or want to do. For example, moving. It is HARD work. A lot of people try to DIY a move because well, movers can be expensive. However, if you have injuries, if you are busy at work, if you have kids, or if you just don’t have the energy, strength, or time to do it, you should hire it out. Movers, such as Page Relocation, make the process SO much easier. Less time-consuming, less effort on your part, and fewer injuries (to yourself AND your home AND your furniture). This is definitely a great example of when doing something yourself could hurt more than help you. But, when you search for commercial movers Atlanta, or residential movers in Atlanta, you want the best. Page Relocation has amazing reviews. Seriously, amazing. And if you hop on Facebook, they have tons of recommendations on many groups such as Marietta City Neighborhood Group and Cherokee Connect. Page Relocation will go above and beyond for their clients and with their reputable service, affordable pricing, and can-do attitude, you will definitely be so thrilled that you accepted their help.

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