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"Hypnotize Me. . .!"

It’s Springtime!!! I’m looking forward to my big day next week—I’ll be enjoying my 41st trip around the sun somewhere relaxing under the sun like a flower ready to bloom. The most interesting thing about this birthday is that I don't have any major plans like I’ve done in the past. I would have normally hosted my birthday brunch the

Sunday before (still happening) and would be jumping on a flight out the next morning. I have so many places I’d like to visit but can’t seem to narrow down my list within two days. Though this has never been a problem, I just find myself creating larger lists nowadays with a ton of options and then having to go through all the details all while making a comparison list. I do have a list of activities I’d love to fulfill the week of my birthday. Most of these activities are right around the corner in the city where I live – Atlanta.

One huge activity I’d love to try this year is hypnosis. My goal is to utilize it for personal performance. Personal Performance Hypnosis helps with overcoming creative blocks, increasing motivation and maintaining it, to name a few. While researching what companies can assist me with this, I came across Pure Hypnosis located in Atlanta, GA. Their proven results to “get your problem solved quickly” is what caught my immediate attention. Though my challenge with personal performance is a need, I also saw where they can support weight loss through hypnosis.

I have had challenges with my weight going up and down for awhile now. My goal with weight loss is to get it under control, down, and maintain my desired weight. Many will say I look fine, but some days can be challenging when wanting to put on a pair of pants from a decade ago and reality sets in—they can no longer be worn. LOL. With the results and reviews I’ve read about with Pure Hypnosis, I believe that me googling hypnosis for weight loss in Atlanta will be a major hit for my birthday week activities.

This will be my first time ever trying this and I’m really looking forward to the outcome. I will share my journey along the way. The hypnotherapist at Pure Hypnosis | Sean Wheeler has been seen on CNN, Chrisley Knows Best, and the Nancy Grace Show.

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