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"Good As Gold"

“The desire of gold is not for gold. It is for the means of freedom and benefit”

– Ralph Waldo Emerson

Gold is a rare jewel that has its own uniqueness that the eye can only capture when viewed from the perspective of its value. When a jeweler gives a gem its value based on its material, the jeweler looks at the gem from a higher mindset that is bigger than what the natural eye can see. At Chapes-JPL there are premier jewelers that can appraise your jewelry through asset loans.

Their vision to provide affordable asset loans on cars, diamonds, gold, handbags, watches, and more brings a great return for the customer. Each rate given is at a low and fair value interest. You can actually get a rate for up to $5 Million for items of higher value. They also provide lower loans than a traditional pawn shop in private financial offices.

Pawning your authentic car to keep the success of your business afloat or even as a professional athlete using your high-end luxury car as a secured way to have money before your next contract is official. This option is one of the best options someone can have and not have to deal with the woes of a title loan. The shine of the car is what makes it as good as gold. The loans at Chapes-JPL have helped business owners increase inventory or meet their payroll obligations.

Another gem about Chapes-JPL is the option to use jewelry as a loan request collateral option.

Rolex Buyers in Atlanta have used their watches to get loans to meet payroll too. High-end watch collections can also increase the value of how much loan you are approved to receive. Watch verification and insurance appraisals are a plus. If you own a high-end watch, it is recommended that you keep it in a safe and secure place just in case you need a loan one day from Chapes.

Between watches, cars, and other valuables, Chapes-JPL will have you covered on receiving a loan. If you're interested in getting a "no credit check" loan inquiry, Chapes is easily locates across from the Lenox Center and the Marta station.

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