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"NOLA. . .for the Culture!"

I'm back from the Bronner Brothers Hair Show in New Orleans, LA. Boy, was it amazing as usual. I love traveling a lot. But when it comes to choosing the city it has to have several different factors good food, great scenery, and most of all culture life!

I experienced all of thse things while in NOLA! We've been several times before, but this time I was able to get out and venture with the locals more. 🤗.

As you all know, I have the "Atlanta Wellness FITreat" coming up in a few weeks on Saturday, April 27th. Well I'm excited to announce that we are taking it on the road and will be in hosting it in New Orleans in July!!! Like seriously I'm "supercalifragilisticexpialidociously" happy. . .dreams do come true. It has been a vision of mine to be able to share my wellness lifestyle & practices with others. Being able to share the simplicity of it means, a decrease in diseases and sicknesses + acknowledgment that we must be held accountable for our own health. 💚

So if you haven't signed up for the Atlanta event, it's still not to late. There are some vendor slots still available too! Share this with all of family, friends, and even the one's that get on your everlasting nerves (🤣 as my mom used to say - smh). I'm looking forward to seeing you in Atlanta & New Orleans soon!

(If you are interested in hosting this event in your city, send me an email and let's make it happen.)

#wellness #health #hair #fitness #events #Atlanta #NewOrleans #food #culture #life

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