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"Music for Your Season!"

The "Living Legend" - Omar Wilson is one of the most sought after R&B crooner of our time! He is a recipient of the 2019 NAACP Image Award and dropped his amazing album on, March 22nd. Seriously he's winning!!! I sat down and chatted with him briefly about his journey thus far in life. His wisdom that he has received has been deeply rooted within his family line. He shared a conversation that him and his cousin had about his music career. That simple conversation led him to where he is today.

Though he is not the type of man to toot his own horn, he did share with me that he is a "survivor of life, humble servant of God, and a warrior of the light." He joked and snuck in that he was a "sexy chocolate" man, but he is "like a normal dude, with a superpower of his voice."

His voice would pull your ears in closer to listen to everything he has to say. When he spoke of his life and how he has been blessed to have experienced so much; it allowed me to really understand why his album was named, "Living Legend." Each song on the album allows his voice to belt out a strong as a wind comes to clear out a space during a storm. . .just powerful!

Listen to a snippet of our interview on my podcast!

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