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"It's Finally Fall Y'all!"

Here in the South we have finally reached the point of time where we can put away our sundresses and pull out our long sleeves to stay warm. We were not expecting this so soon and sudden. It all came pouring in right after Hurricane Michael slammed the southeast a few weeks ago. The aftermath made us all scream brrrhhh!!! Lol.

(This represents me minus the snow). However, we have found a way to maintain our composure and keep it trekking.

I've noticed that during this season people will trade in their outdoor workout plan for a bowl of soup on the couch because it's just too daggone chilly. But to the faithful ones that are here in Georgia, there are a ton of trails where you can burn a lot of carbs, keep your heart rate pumping, and still maintain your fitness goals for the last stretch of 2018.

Click here to checkout Georgia's trail options

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