Our best-seller! ViA is a the original crystal water bottle. Made of shock-resistant borosilicate glass, it features a patented, exchangeable bottom piece ("GemPod"), which is filled with 1 out of 13 available crystal blends. ViA bottles start at $ 39 (depending on the selected blend). We carry a wide assortment of helpful gadgets for the ViA bottle: protective sleeves in neoprene and silicone  ("HUGS"),a 2-piece cap with handle ("LOOP") in different colors and single gempods. 


inu! [”ee-noo”, Hawaiian: “to drink”] has the potential to become the new best friend for explorers, adventurers and crystal lovers. In a nutshell: inu! is a versatile, BPA-free glass bottle with a bottom chamber to fill and change crystals at any time and a sacred flower of life symbol engraved on the inside. Available in 3 colors (cloud white, lava grey, ocean blue), $27.50 wholesale. It holds 16.9 fl.oz. and comes pre-filled with shiny Clear Quartz  Add your own stones or use our professionally composed crystal blends ("Crystal Jars"). 



Starting price is $39.


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VitaJewel Gemstone Vial & inu!


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