"My Allergies Almost Kicked My A$$"

Updated: Jun 9

When I tell you my allergies did some weird stuff in my body these past few days, it was something serious. I hate taking meds and decided to give myself a healing soaking bath and foot detox. That was the start of the a$$ kicking lolol. It really opened my pores and nasal passage.

I offer this to my clients, but knew this was the key to my healing taking place for this short lived sinus stuff.

Here are images of my process:

1st Salt -- Blue Foot Soak with a fragrance

2nd Salt--Pink Himalayan for toxic pulling

3rd Salt--Detox Blend with Dried Lavender & Flowers

Dried herbs & Charcoal Stick (This is my at-home foot tub.)

Clay Foot Mask

This softens the feet after a foot detox treatment

I wrapped them in my foot paper mask for a few minutes

After all of this + rest, water, and sunlight - - I can now walk around with more energy.

A foot detox and soaking bath begins the healing of life on so many levels. . .


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